LPJ A. Campa, Thursday February 6th
The morning began with a plenary meeting where, aided by a clear and rigorous slideshow, Francisco Luque Ruiz gave a presentation explaining how each country should procede to measure the Earth's radius this spring using the Eratosthenes method. Then, Sofia made a presentation on the eTwinning platform for the students with its methods of exchange and sharing. Finally, while the teachers stayed in the assembly hall to talk about the next meetings and the different administrative tasks, the students went to the ICT room to fill the online meeting evaluation form.

At 1.00pm, the whole group took the bus to the center of Pau. They arrived at the railway station bus stop, took the funicular and walked along the Boulevard des Pyrénées, past the Town Hall and the Theatre. Then they arrived at the Château de Pau at 2.00pm for a guided tour which ended at 3.45pm. Then everyone had a free time to visit the city or to go shopping until dinner time.