Closing evening with delivery of certificates
The eve of the summer holidays, Friday July 3rd 2015 at 6pm was held a evening of delivery of mobility certificates to celebrate the end of the SARAH Comenius project 2013-2015. Students, families, institutions involved in this action were invited to join the festivities in the canteen of our school. Many came to see the exposed productions and measure the work done during these two years. Alain Giacometti handed to the 19 students and former students who made a journey abroad the mobility certificate attesting the trip as a part of an European project. The ceremony took place under the benevolent eyes of Ms. Buttazzoni, headmistress, and Ms. Haller, deputy headmistress. The meeting ended with an evening buffet where guest were able to share their travel memories, past and present experiences, and look to the future with an open mind and a spirit European and optimistic.