March 2015, I.S.I.S. Pitagora
From March 23th to 26th the seventh meeting was held in Nova Siri Classic high school, Montalbano Jonico's delocalized site of the Istituto Statale d'Istruzione Superiore (ISIS) "Pitagora" (Matera, Basilicata, Italy). The Jurançon team arrived in the evening of Sunday 22th to Bari Airport by a flight from Toulouse to Bari via Rome. With the other European teams, after a 2-hour bus ride under the rain, we arrived a little tired and tardily to our destination. Nietta, the Italian coordinator and the student's parents welcomed us warmly to accommodate foreign students in host families and all the teachers in a Policoro hotel for a well deserved rest.

We started to work on the next morning at 8:30am.