Dalängskolan, Tuesday June 3rd
At 8 am, the foreign students attended a chemistry class on watercleaning. At 9.30, the students and the teachers took a bus to Läckö, where we had a guided visit of the Castle, one of the most beautiful baroque castle of the country. We also walked around the castle and went fishing in the ponds of Vänern Lake. 

At 2.30, we went back to school. The students left school with their Swedish host and the teachers attended a 3-hour meeting. We reviewed the project development and the schedule for next year. Then we wrote the intermediate report of the project for the school year 2013-2014. In the evening, Sofia had organised a picnic near the lake for everybody, included the host families and all the students of the school. In spite of the heavy rain, we did outdoor activities like sailing, football and baseball games.